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Run Python Script in Background

A Python script, say a Telegram bot, for example, can be run in many different ways. While using Tmux, Screen do seem easy, what truly stand out was this command nuhup.

Option 1: nuhup

nuhup can be used to run Python script in background by:

nuhup python3 {PYTHON_SCRIPT_PATH} &

Note: & is important, kindly add it so that the script can run in background.

By default nuhup writes to nuhup writes to nohup.out which can be changed by redirecting stdout to any file, example:

nuhup ./ > log.txt &

Option 2: tmux

Using tmux isn’t that very hard, and can be done with just running tmux and detaching the session.



python3 {SCRIPT}

Press, ctrl + b and d after it to detach the current shell session.

Option 3: screen

Using screen isn’t that different from using tmux, and can be done by:



python3 {SCRIPT}

Press, ctrl + a and d immediately after it to detach the current screen shell session.

Source: Janakiev