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Ping over TCP

ping can’t do TCP ping so in order to run ping for TCP we can use tcpping.


Firstly we have to make sure tcptraceroute is installed by running -

$ apt-get install -y tcptraceroute

Then to install tcpping, run -

$ wget -O /usr/bin/tcping
$ chmod 755 /usr/bin/tcping

Note: I am saving tcpping as tcping here


jungle@DESKTOP-B73I3A0:~$ tcping -x 5
seq 0: tcp response from ( [open]  60.454 ms
seq 1: tcp response from ( [open]  78.215 ms
seq 2: tcp response from ( [open]  55.457 ms
seq 3: tcp response from ( [open]  53.049 ms
seq 4: tcp response from ( [open]  48.375 ms

Source: GitHub Gist