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Adding User On Alpine

On Alpine adding a user is little different than adding a user in Ubuntu/Debian. And we can use adduser command to add a user.


$ adduser
BusyBox v1.33.1 () multi-call binary.

Usage: adduser [OPTIONS] USER [GROUP]

Create new user, or add USER to GROUP

	-h DIR		Home directory
	-g GECOS	GECOS field
	-s SHELL	Login shell
	-G GRP		Group
	-S		Create a system user
	-D		Don't assign a password
	-H		Don't create home directory
	-u UID		User id
	-k SKEL		Skeleton directory (/etc/skel)


$ adduser -h /home/somebody -s /bin/bash somebody -u 1001

This adds a user somebody with SHELL login as bash, home directory at /home/somebody and an UID of 1001.

Source: CyberCiti